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How to Save up to $27,000 on Your Home Insurance

How to Save up to $27,000 on Your Home Insurance

Do I have the right one?

When it comes to insuring your home many homeowners don’t understand that they have options. YES, you can actually choose if you want to have policy A or B. Normally most homeowners when purchasing their first home will have a mortgage company finance their loan. The mortgage company only requires you to carry a fire policy that is designed to cover your home in the event of a fire. These polices in many cases are really affordable ranging from $400 -$700 a year.  Most homeowners buy a policy that covers them for more than what they need.  I believe most homeowners should have a policy that covers more than just fire insurance. Insurance companies call them a DP-3 (Dwelling Fire Policy) and HO-3 (HO-5)(Homeowners Policy) Policies. Both of these options if coverages are selected properly provide a customizable policy that serves your personal needs.  The difference between a policy that covers you for theft (your personal property) and the one that does not can be a $300-$900 in savings annually! In a 30 year average loan term scenario that can be as much as $27,000.  This is of course if personal property is not important to you.  We have provided personalized proposals to thousands of families from the Antelope Valley to the High Desert.  For a personalized proposal you can call (661)538-1345 to see how much we can save you. 

By Jose Soriano CEO, Global First Insurance Agency Palmdale CA 93550

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